Enter To Win A Smoked Ham From Boneyard BBQ For EASTER!

smoked-ham*Winner will be drawn on April 15th!

One thing that everyone loves is the food. We can help you with that. This year we are offering smoked hams. Its a very limited offer, we can only smoke 50 hams. So if you want one please call and order immediately. When you serve our smoked ham at your holiday feast you will save yourself precious time that you you can spend with your family doing the things you love.

Call us today at (315) 733-0364 to Order your Smoked Ham for the Holiday

All Orders Must Be Before By April 14 at 6pm

Our ham will be smoked to perfection. Y0ur dinner guests will definitely savor the flavor and remember who had the best ham they’ve ever eaten. There are only 50 or so available and they range from $85-$120 per ham. We’re giving one away too. Fill out the form on this page to enter. If you pre-order and you are chosen, you will not have to pay.

Please fill out this form to be entered in our smoked Ham Giveaway

*Winner will be drawn on April 15th

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