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Bone Yard BBQ Catering Trays In The Utica NY Area

Let us cater your next event. People always remember the food at parties, make sure you are serving them the best BBQ in Utica NY.

If you are interested in our catering services please call 315-525-9212

We’ll work with you to help figure out how much food you need for your party and make sure it will be so good that everyone will love it.

We can make a lot of other things too. We literately will smoke anything you want. Please call us for pricing on sides and special requests.

Here is a short list of some of the different things we can smoke for you.
– Whole and Half pigs
– Whole Chickens
– Duck
– Venison
– Fish
– Rabbit

* we provide catered food in trays we do not provide onsite smoking or catering services

Please fill out this form below if you are interested in catering and one of our staff members will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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Basic Catering Menu:

Add how much a tray eats
– Half feeds 22
– Full Feeds 45

Rolls (Big Keisers) $12 per dozen

Catering pulled pork tray 1/2 $65.00 Full $130
Catering pulled chicken tray 1/2 $65.00 Full $130
St. Lous Style Ribs 23.95 per rack

Half chickens (quartered) $10.95 Each
Brisket (avg 15lbs) $110.00
Smoked wings 1.00 per wing
Rib Tip tray 1/2 $65.00 Full $130
Smoked Sausage call for pricing

BBQ Sides

Pasta Salad
1/2 tray $40
full tray $75

Potato Salad
1/2 tray $35
full tray $65

Macaroni Salad
1/2 tray $35
full tray $65

Corn on the Cobb
20 pieces $40

Salads of your choice
Ask for details and pricing

Cole Slaw
$25 for a half tray
$50 For whole tray

$25 for a half tray
$40 For whole tray

Mac N Cheese
$30 for a half tray
$60 For whole tray

Baked Beans
$25 for a half tray
$40 For whole tray

$25 for a half tray
$40 For whole tray

Corn Bread
$25 for a half tray
$40 For whole tray